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Break the Bars

At last the sun breaks through over Loch Ericht

As we look into our eyes
And see the horror and pain
Please understand that to break the ties
Our minds must live it all again

Only by opening all the doors
So tightly locked inside
Shall we find our peace forever more
And understand why

We blamed ourselves for all they did
And covered for their lies
We stayed so long and could not rid
Ourselves of the guilt they put inside

It must have been the falling star
In it we did believe
That gave us the strength to break the bars
Take our children and leave

Please open up those doors
And let the sun inside
Yes the time has finally come to mourn
We’ll hold you while you cry

The tears shall wash the hurt away
The process is quite real
Together with the sun’s rays
Our souls can begin to heal

Tracey D L Wrixon

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