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Let It Roar

fire wallpaper

A great thirst arises
For it is something new
A great threat appears
From the past to haunt

A fear so great
You don’t know what to do
A need so strong
You’re filled with want

Do you really believe
The risk so great
That you’d rather
Be a living dead

Are you so afraid
Your heart will break
And only to pain
Will you be led

What is your safety for
If you are too numb to feel it
Are you to be empty forever more
Or shall your fire finally be lit

Are you as afraid of the warmth
As you are of the burn
Can you bask in his charms
And slowly learn

The new strangeness
Of being held
The wonder
Of wanting to hold

The difference from the past
You can tell
He was cut
From a different mold

Tracey D. L. Wrixon

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